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Let's GIT it!

My name is Temka. I'm a senior engineer with 10+ years of experience looking to volunteer my time and build an author centric online collaborative hub for writers, teachers and students.

I want to build this site with the help of 2000 authors, teachers and students who can pledge $10/month for the next 6 months during the development phase which you can cancel anytime and for that there'll be monthly live stream progress updates, daily posts etc and after the company is launched, hopefully with your help and 1999 others on the projected date of 1/1/2020, the newly started tech startup will pledge 10% of its profits back to the 2000 supporters for as long as you qualify.
In short: SharkTank for the people!

2000 individual investors who are passionate about the project > 1 shark who's only interest is return of investment over everything

No lump sum of investment money?: No problem! You can invest in 6 small installments


Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to free the world from sorrow and bring nourishment where needed.

When I graduated from college 7 years ago, with a degree that I thought would yield the most flexibility and ability which allowed me to choose the jobs that provided the most optimal skills and experiences needed to become a complete Web, App & IT professional.

So, now 7 years later, I get up every morning at 4am and help build PHP projects for 4hrs before my work begins!


I believe the most optimal path always exists with or without the will, and the only thing will does is shines the light on the already existing path that you seek! That if you quit, it isn't because there's no way to accomplish what you wanted, it is simply because the amount of will that is required for the specific problem to be solved wasn't sufficient enough.
"As wood is only hard in relation to soft skin" - Alan Watts

"Problem is only hard in relation to soft will" - Potent Hypothetical Potential

So, with this stubborn philosophy wedged between my cerebral hemispheres, and with a career that the only limit is my own mind, along with carefully chosen jobs that provided me with real world experiences to hone my skills and perfect my expertise, I set myself on a mission to find this already existing path in an effort to free the world from sorrow. And after 7 years of trial and errors, I finally have a complete plan. And the first project in the Phase 1 pipeline is: FOA.PLUS!

And if this plan gets sufficient supporters to start, we can provide financial aid to minimum 100,000 (or more) authors, teachers and students directly year after year.

I think it's about time we build a company by the people for the people!

Project Details

Seems everyone loves the show SharkTank, but those with the ideas ('entrepreneurs') are always going to investors who are already flush with $.

PHP projects operate little differently.

Instead of fishing for sharks, we're letting 2000 school of supporters come together and pitch $10/month each during the first 6-month development phase of FOA.PLUS

And in return for your support, FOA.PLUS is pledging to give 10% of the profit of the business back to those who helped build it, commission if you will, for as long as you qualify (see How to qualify?).

During this 6 months of development, the 2000 supporters can follow and shadow the business as it grows. You can cancel your support at anytime if you feel my effort wasn't sufficient enough!

anyone can pledge any amount but to qualify for the first 2000 beneficiaries of the 10%

  • 1. Pledge $10/month minimum

  • 2a. Have valid .edu email address [teachers/students]

  • 2b. Have recent published work (1 year grace period) [authors]

  • 3. One-time essay application (any length, optional but will help you stand out)

    *** Upon acceptance, your essay will be read in our welcome video (anonymously) ***

    •     Essay topic: your idea of paradise/utopia. - "It can be any kind of paradise/utopia you want, very spiritual or sensuous, but spell it out. What do you want to happen in this paradise?" What does utopia look like in your world?

  • 4. Referral Code (optional)

Potent Hypothetical Potential projects will have several overlapping rules once the business starts that includes, but are not limited to:

  • Maximum Wage Cap for all employees (should be enough to retire after 2 years of service [see HeadMaster])

  • Democratic, merit based succession

  • (more to come after 2000 members vote and help decide on more)

  • - get behind the scene access to starting, growing and launching a tech start-up
  • - early access to job listings for FOA.PLUS
  • - new feature suggestions/surveys/votes
  • - join MEMBERS only live chat & live video streams
  • - submit retired school faculties for candidates for HeadMaster figure of FOA.PLUS, (elected every 2 years till we find our Dumbledore)
  • - "Microsoft paid 25 times revenue for GitHub, said one person, which calculates to annual revenue of about $300 million for the code-sharing service, according to one of these people involved in the deal." source:

    $300m / 20k members = $15k/year/member.
    FOA.PLUS will not only generate revenue from freemium plans and host book repositories, but we have advantageous additional avenues of revenue! sell e-books, microjobs, ads, publishing etc

Anyone interested in seeing how far this 6-month long rabbit hole goes, pledge any amount you can which will give access to behind the scenes, early release features, live chat, live streams, live coding, + more

Least you'll get is full transparent access to a tech startup and can tag along and see how everything is built. We will show you the tricks and tips of the Web & IT industries and the best practices.

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only one And if you are not able to help with this dream of mine today,
I hope someday you can join our mailing list and hear about the projects that might be of your interest in the upcoming months from us. And if you could share this with your world, I believe one day we all just might live as one!

What is FOA.PLUS

git-diff - Show difference between changes, edits and working versions, etc


GitHub is the developer company. We make it easier for developers to be developers: to work together, to solve challenging problems, to create the world's most important technologies. We foster a collaborative community that can come together - as individuals and in teams - to create the future of software and make a difference in the world.


FOA.PLUS is the authoring company. We make it easier for authors to be the future authors: to work together, to solve challenging problems, to write the world's most important books. We foster a collaborative community that can come together - as individuals and in teams - to create the future of authoring, academia & apprenticeship and make a difference in the world.

What is Git and Github?

Git is a tool for anyone who wants to keep their sanity while working with thousands of people pushing their edits, suggestions and changes.

Git makes this process a breeze and FOA.PLUS is repurposing this open source software for the A.A.A.


Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

Git is easy to learn and has a tiny footprint with lightning fast performance.



Git for Writers, Teachers, Students and more

How Git can help FOA?

3 Prompts

Kayo, Burnt Almonds, Sol

I thought of these 3 prompts for FOA.PLUS in the name of open source, so authors can try out the system with 3 ideas to choose from. These stories touch many different fields of studies such as medicine, anatomy, astrophysics, physics, biology etc in hopes of student authors working with other students in their majors.

And any of these starter prompts can be written in any genre or type of book/essay/paper/any written format, really.

Below you'll find different takes from different writers' and authors'.

Happy International Children's Day!

if we can make this happen, when the children of today grows up and ready to go to college, these 5 projects will be helping 100K eligible students!

By the time kids of today grows up and ready for college, hopefully FOA can be helping 20K students!

Every year, 10% of the company's profit will be re-allocated towards 2000 more authors, teachers and students.

And after 9 years (fingers crossed), FOA.PLUS will be working 100% for the 20,000 authors, teachers and students.

All you have to qualify or save a spot for your child when they graduate high school, pledge and apply for this program: $10/month for 6 months + 1 essay about your take on "paradise" and "utopia" and what that means to you!

If you are keeping a spot for your child(ren), the child has to apply yearly (essay) to keep the spot.

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

- Nelson Henderson

Code Race Challenge

Tweet It!

Elon Musk is fiending for that space race, how about we fix the current EARTHLY problems first before we create new problems to solve? and for that we can have a code race between these Git companies and their teams VS the open source community, AKA the people!!

Let's each come up with solutions to help teachers and writers using the Git software. and present our FOR THE PEOPLE platforms after 6 months on 1/1/2020

I challenge you all to do something better! Shall we have this code race? My dream team vs. yours! You may have more resources, but we have more will combined. Because I believe with enough people we can do just about anything! And if you back out, we'll accept your friendly forfeit.

So, shows us who you are and what you are prepared to do for the future of humanity!

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